#proptech Summit 2017 in Stockholm

Just recently we experienced the first #proptech Summit in Stockholm. Around 300 participants had signed up, fantastic! Again, loads of cred to Magnus Svantegard, Daniel Kraft at Stronghold for the initiation, and Ola Ahlvarsson for the orchestration!

We were given the opportunity to share a “Reality check”.

  • Does it pick up speed now, or? We had a look at two examples on what others do, easily and now. 
  • Hands on examples how to quickly become more Data Driven, using systems and resources you already have.
  • How to front load our complex work with data, how to use digital helpers to get work flying quicker.
  • One example was administrative, GDPR.
  • Another more technical, about a typical technician’s day before and after digitization.
  • In both examples they had added just a little bit of #proptech. Then they took off. Just using technology that is openly available today.

Just say yes, and it can be started as easily in your business. Already next Monday! Please inbox and I’d be glad to share real world examples on how to do it. No excuses anymore!

If you missed the event, it was all filmedThe above “Reality check” and a few hints on what you can do easily already next Monday.

How to jump start your digitization? Just scrub to 2 hrs 28 minutes.

proptech summitThe film  as a whole is +6 hours! A rich menu and loads of recommended viewing.

The summit started with a cloud free flight, gradually descending to more details, funding of ventures, and even how Nordic #proptechs can go international.

Maks Giordano and Sophie Hackford started briskly with the “Big Picture”. Some of it already known to the tech savvy part of the audience (even though not yet widely implemented). Some other insights were absolutely “catch of the day”.

Matthew Richardsson explained why tech is absolutely essential to be able to sustain in a Property/Real Estate market from an investment and management perspective. Huge assets are at stake when digital transforms entire value chains. So are the opportunities. Wework was just one example here. So many things up in the air now.

Susanne Wallsten, Anssi Salonen, Annelie Gullström and Tobias Larsson shared their ”cockpit”view. Their everyday operational insights on the status within a Property cmpany. It all starts with people and how responsive and adaptive we are to change.

Between all presentations, we had plenty of time to interact and meet with each other, share different perspectives.

Jonas Birgersson, Marta Sjögren and Daniel Kraft turned our eyes on all #proptech start-ups and players in the audience. How to get started, how to pick up momentum and possibly, how to rise capital to be able to gear up from start-up to scale-up in the exciting #proptech domain.

At some point internationalisation may come up on the agenda. How Datscha did it was thoughtfully shared by Jacob Philipson.

Antony Slumbers shared a fresh and unexpectedly different view on #proptech. A more creative one and why he found the proptech-domain so fascinating!Certainly not just bricks-and-mortar.

Gustav Radell at Google shared valuable insights and their views on the property domain. Hands down, no one knows more about data than Google does. And that statement did not come from Gustav. He was open, unpretentious and invited all to participate.

How to make business value and services out of all the tech stuff that was discussed during the day was considerately summarised by Anthony Lumbers, Patrick Mesterton, Patrik Etelävuori and Gustaf Radell.

James Dearsley wrapped up the day with a brisk flight over how does the CRE market respond to all trends and players in Proptech. Bottom line, it is picking up speed now!

Digitization never sleeps. Two possible approaches here.

1) You take an active role in these transformative times.

2) Someone else does it for you!

See you next time!