Bad English

We strongly believe digital enablers are essential to improve the lives of businesses and what they do for their customers. We combine thought leadership with the latest, innovative Digital Tools and enablers to reach these goals.  In our era digital development quickly disrupts our everyday lives. Including the lives of Businesses. These opportunities and challenges are higher and higher up on management agendas. But many times, they lack a shared language, means and the experience needed to be able to understand how to address them.

The legacy is ERP – Enterprise Systems. Today’s IT- and digital landscape is fragmented, huge and expanding. Data, information and resources are everywhere, starting at our fingertips and hand-held devices, support and production systems, IoT, services all the way, up in the cloud.

Today, a widespread assumption is that “digital” means market communication, web solutions and social media. To us “Digital” is so much more. We support management teams with Tools and Expertise, to enable understanding, hands-on visualisation and immediate execution:

  • how their businesses can improve the revenue side using opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital landscape
  • how they can meet internal and external challenges and disruptions by understanding and using up-to-date digital enablers
  • how well their existing IT-resources match rapidly changing user expectations
  • Solutions (SaaS) to analyse and visualise how well existing Digital Resources are used.
  • Solutions (SaaS)  to give new life and reach to our customers existing IT environment.

Our SaaS ”HUB” is easy to initiate. Typically we install over-night. The next day after it can be used. No implementation projects or up-front fees. Just a monthly lease.

Optiperform is an Entrepreneurial Digital and Management Consultancy focusing on B2B ventures in value added services and technology industries, usually where they meet Individuals in their daily operations. Typically in Sales functions, Consulting and Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Facility Management and similar.

Please feel free to challenge us with your challenges and we’ll see what we can do for you!

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Please feel free to use a translation service such as Google-translate on our texts to read them in any ”bad” language ;) you may find suitable.

Bad English”…. well, to many people it is a Rock Band from the 1980’s

However, it is also a shared language to enable progress in businesses and collaboration between people all over when English is not their mother tongue.

Good enough. As stated by Leif Johansson at Ericsson, AstraZeneca and more. “Bejaka den globala världen, bli bekväm med den och res mycket. Lär dig också ‘bad english’. Det är koncernspråk på nästan alla stora företag och där har vi svenskar en konkurrensfördel, vi är bra på ‘bad english’.”.

Or freely ”Embrace the Global World, get comfortable with it and travel a lot. Also learn to speak ’bad english’. It is the Group language in almost every major company and Swedes have a competitive edge there, as we are good at ’bad English’. ”.